Ken Scearce Leadership Award

The Ken Scearce Leadership Award recognizes athletes, leaders, coaches, referees and other volunteers who dedicate their time/skills to promoting the value/importance of LGBTQ+ sports. Their participation, both on and off the playing field, inspires others within their organization and builds community. Their hard work and selfless commitment directly and positively impacts the lives of others.  

When selecting the Ken Scearce Leadership Award recipient, the Sin City Classic & Greater Los Angeles Softball Association (GLASA) places heavy consideration on community service and leadership through the following criteria:  

1. Candidate is a member, in good standing, of an LGBTQ+ athletic organization;  

2. Candidate is involved in activities that produce measurable outcomes in a LGBTQ+ athletic organizational setting;  

3. Candidate is recognized by an organization for developing teamwork and by league officials for promoting the growth and development of new organization members;  

4. Candidate demonstrates leadership within an LGBTQ+ athletic community;

5. Candidate promotes the growth of LGBTQ+ athletics within their community/organization.  

Ken was a pillar in the LGBTQ+ sports community and was instrumental in growing the Sin City Classic.    

The recipient of the Ken Scearce Leadership Award is recognized for their role as a community leader and active volunteer within an LGBTQ+ athletic organization;  

◦ This individual is always a “team player” putting the needs of the team first;  

◦ This individual is dedicated to growing their sport within the LGBTQ+ community and has extended outreach to allies and other supporters;  

◦ This individual is passionate on and/or off the field and leads by example; and  

◦ This individual’s motivation is to give back to LGBTQ+ community, which is, first and foremost, what ultimately makes them a LEADER!      

Please nominate someone from your organization who is deserving of this newly dedicated award that honors Ken’s memory and dedication to the LGBTQ+ sports community.                            

You can submit your nomination for the Ken Scearce Leadership Award here or via email by completing this form.

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