Sin City Classic


Sin City Classic Sin City Classic Sin City Classic


Sin City Classic

The Flag Football portion of the tournament is now an official NGFFL event. Please note that this is still an OPEN tournament, meaning teams are not restricted to geographic areas or requiring releases to play with different cities, etc. However, all players have to be NGFFL eligible to participate.

Registration for Sin City Classic will open on Monday October 23rd. This year we are moving to a new fee structure that requires payment by each player. The cost for the shootout is $60 per player (plus processing fees) prior to December 8, 2017, and $80 per player (plus processing fees) after that.
Included in the player fee:

 ■  5 game guarantee (3 games Saturday and 2 games on Sunday)
 ■  New location at UNLV with turf fields
 ■  NGFFL officials
 ■  Medical services
 ■  Water stations
 ■  Tournament wristband for events and awards


Registration is a TWO step process.


Step 1 - Captains

 ■  First, pay your individual player fee
 ■  Load your team on the registration page

 ■  If you have not already done so for a past Gay Bowl, you need to set up a profile in LeagueApps, including a new user ID and password.

 ■  Register as a Captain and follow the prompts to register and pay your individual fees, then add/invite your players to your team.

 ■  Under “team player” there is a box labeled “divide team player fee among players?” You will want to leave this checked, otherwise you as the captain are agreeing to pay your entire team’s player fees.
 ■  You will need your players’ names and email addresses.


Step 2 - Players
 ■  When captains add you to their team, you will be sent an email invitation to join that team.

 ■  Follow the link and instructions to complete your registration.

 ■  If you have not already done so, set up a profile in LeagueApps, including a new user ID and password.

 ■  Players MUST PAY their $60 fee at the time they are registering in order to avoid sending the team registration into "incomplete" mode..

 ■  There is no maximum roster size, however we are capping the tournament at 12 teams.


Sin City Classic


Our intended tournament structure is to have pool play on Saturday with 3 games per team, then divide the teams into two divisions based on record for Sundaythe knockout/championship round. Teams will play 2 to 3 games on Sunday. With the new location and new energy surrounding the entire Sin City Classic, we are hoping to see at least 200 athletes take part in Flag Football this year! If you have any questions, please contact the Flag Football sport coordinator Matthew Herek at


Sin City Classic